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Robyn Thom Rodgers is a evangelist and conference speaker, called to usher the Nations into the presence and life changing power of Jesus Christ. Best loved for her energetic-enthusiastic and humorous deliverance of the undivided truth of God and through the word of prophecy the manifested power of God , Robyn has seen God perform miraculous healings, salvations, deliverance in her meetings.

'Traveling the World Preaching the gospel of jesus christ revealing the manisfest presence of the fire of god to the nations'

SALVATION. Revival. Compassion

This is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son, his one and only Son.

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have a saying ” Faith Leads you where reason cannot walk. There are geographical arenas of the world which God speaks to us to go into. There are those who are lead by the spirit of God, who walk in His divine appointments. Those who know me and this ministry know I am one of them. I cannot do it alone! I need you prayers and financial support to run in the fire of God taking this Gospel to the nations and to run in the suddenlies of God. Your support is greatly appreciate! God Bless you! Blessing, Robyn Thom Rodgers

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