Prophetic voices

I grew up around Prophetic powerful preaching by men and woman of God, today I surround myself with men and woman of God that I know – by the fruit of their ministries – they are driven by the voice of God.. men and woman of God who are consciously and spiritually aware that they are not alone but Jesus walks with them, operates through them… the Holy Spirit groans for and with them.. Romans 8:26-28.

We have seen powerful anointed men and woman of God come and go. They, by the leading of the Holy Spirit spoke the Word of the Lord that would awaken us to become hungry men and woman, crying out to know Christ in the fullness of His powerful majesty. Today we are surrounded by the fruits of these ministers.

There are prophetic voices in this hour that god has empowered.. they are here to prophesy… word’s spoken that will cause the very deep of our souls to cry out with hunger, repentance… with deep desires to see the glory of God to know His ways and His thoughts…

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