WE the United States Of America…

WE the United States Of America, a nation renown around the world as ONE Nation Under God have suffered many storms, We have passed through the storms with the realization that The Battle belongs to the Lord.. Zachariah 4 . . But have we become a now a nation divided with Peoples rights.. right to worship , rights of religion, constitutional rights ie: to bear arms.. how can we expect God to fight our battles if we cannot join along side in a vigilance of Prayer and Fasting to see God heal this Land?

Yes we have had the 24 hours of prayers but the Bible says Pray.. pray without ceasing..  People we need to recognize its not what we have in our hands that will change the course of this nation.. that will bless our children and not bring curses on them, but it is WHAT WE CARRY IN OUR SPIRITS.. WE MUST COME TOGETHER AND PRAY.

Don’t quit until you see salvation move through this land like a wild fire…

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  • Tammy Vasek
    Posted at 04:29h, 03 May Reply

    Robyn thank you. Yes, yes. Revival in this land! Pray, pray, pray. For the sake of our sons and daughters. We NEED THE LORD!!!! We need HIS revival in this Land. Our sons and daughters shall be saved. Our sons and daughters shall prophesy. Pray, pray, pray until we hear the shouts of JESUS IS LORD throughout this land. Thank you Robyn for reminding of this need to pray.

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