About Robyn Thom Rodgers

Robyn Thom Rodgers is a much sought after evangelist and conference speaker. She is called to usher the nations into the presence and life-changing power of Jesus Christ. Robyn is best loved for her energetic, enthusiastic, and humorous deliverance of the undivided truth of the Bible. She moves in the gift of prophecy, while demonstrating the power of God.

Robyn’s Personal Testimony

Robyn traveled with her late father, Robert Thom, of Cape Town, South Africa from the time she was 10 days old. Reverend Thom was known worldwide for miraculous meetings and a strong prophetic ministry. Even though miracles were a part of Robyn’s daily life as a child, she never gained a deep personal revelation of God for herself until 1990, when she attended a meeting at her brother’s church in Louisville, KY. The visiting evangelist invited her to come up front for prayer. At that moment her life changed drastically. The power of God touched her, and she has never been the same!

My mission

My mission is to travel the World preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to reveal the manifest presence of the Fire of God to the nations.